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Earth Bottle Big Bertha (the huge one)
Earth Bottle Big Bertha (the huge one)

Earth Bottle Big Bertha (the huge one)

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Hello, my name is Eliza, and I stopped feeling ok about plastic water bottles quite a while ago now. Before the world really started shouting about single use plastics. 

It just suddenly just felt all wrong. It suddenly felt wrong that I was lucky enough to be born to a place with abundant and accessible fresh drinking water, and yet would choose to consume water pumped from god-knows-where-but-likely-not-that-sparkly-natural-spring-in-the-picture into a flimsy,  plastic vessel that would go on to suffocate the planet for 1000 years (I just looked that up in case I was exaggerating! It genuinely takes 1000 years for plastic to decompose! Bloody hell!). 

So I stopped. 

And if I found myself in a public place, parched, maybe a touch hungover, I just went on being thirsty until I stumbled upon tap. A very tiny sacrifice for the grace of the planet - a few moments of thirst. But I mean, I was probably quite dehydrated, quite often.

Because I’m a moron with the memory of an infant goldfish and a collection of impractical handbags that hold little more than a pen and prayer, I never actually managed to have water on hand. 

Honestly, I also just found those big old sports water bottles a challenge to my aesthetic sensibilities, and a little rubbery to taste, and actually just a falsehood because they gave the illusion of athleticism and I haven’t exercised with intent for pretty much 15 years. 

Then Earth Bottles appeared. So BEAUTIFUL. An end to plastic and constant dehydration! 

And then I read the story behind Earth Bottles, and my little heart flipped again. It’s really nice to buy things from people with names and faces and stories and souls, isn’t it?

Musician and mother of two, Danni Carr first came up with Earth Bottles as a more sustainable kind of merchandise for her high profile muso husband Ash Grunwald. Soon The Living End, Nahko Medicine for the People, Bobby Alu, Ziggy Alberts and Midnight Oil were ordering Earth Bottles to take on the road. 

They partnered with Pink Ribbon, Beyond Blue, Arnhem Land’s HopeForHelath, Clean Coast Collective, and Fifteen Trees.

These are good people doing good things. 

So let’s never buy another plastic water bottle again. Let’s bring our Earth Bottles on planes and say no to little plastic cups!

I’ve even found a bigger bag.


More Info

Big Bertha is a 1.8 litre water tank! Perfect to take to the beach, camping trips or in the car for those long drives.

Incorporating our signature double insulated stainless steel design, and our classic Earth Bottle faux wood design - Bertha will keep water cold for up to 24 hours and liquids warm for up to 12 hours.

Big Bertha has a screw top lid and a carry strap for ease of use. 

Measurements: 27cm high x 12cm in diameter.