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Meet the team

This is our small group of good-hearted, fiercely passionate people who are good at what they do, and genuinely want to change the world. 


André Eikmeier Good Emporium

André Eikmeier

“To put on an old record and cook food for people I love, with a good wine - this makes me happy And the Good Empire - this is my purpose. God it feels good to wake up each morning and get to do this. Good for the heart, good for the soul. I’m proud. I want my kids to be proud. And to have a nice world for their kids.”

Katherine Grantham Good Emporium

Kat Grantham
Community & Connections

"I think it’s important to tell your friends that you love them daily.
I’m passionate about people and hope to always leave them better than I found them.
I have a picture of a Bee and KIND tattooed on my arm, hopefully it reminds those who pass me that it’s easy and oh so important to ‘be kind’ to ourselves, each other, the animals and our planet."


Amber Sirre Good Emporium

Amber Sirre

"I'm louder than people would expect me to be, think that "Geese" is the funniest card in a deck of cards against humanity and run mostly on coffee. I'm passionate about design, detail and breaking away from the expected - I promise I'm not just saying that, I embroidered a boob on a piece of paper once."


David King Good Emporium

David King
Builder, Storyteller

"I've been told I have the personality of a Golden Retriever. Just give me a skateboard and a laptop and I'm happy. I've been catapulted into this world to build and create things, with a purpose to help people break free from the things that are holding them back."