Good Emporium has been paused while we direct our focus towards helping those in need. Touch here to find out more.

2020 Update

At Good Empire, we've taken this opportunity to stop and reassess the most important and impactful things we could do for people and the planet.
We decided Good Emporium, as much as we love it, isn't as important right now, so we're closing it down for a while.
This is NOT to say that the planet is any less important - indeed, we ask you to pledge to our campaign, which is having a big impact globally.
It's just not so important you buy a reusable cup from us right now. So long as you continue to live more sustainably.
You, our Good Emporium community, have been so beautiful and supportive and just amazing. You're part of our Good Empire community, and we've love you to feel so and stay connected with us through Good Empire and Year of the Planet.
Be well, be happy, be kind.
André Eikmeier
Founder, Good Emporium + Good Empire