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Nurturing Nature Swan River Daisy Seed Cards (5pk)
Nurturing Nature Swan River Daisy Seed Cards (5pk)

Nurturing Nature Swan River Daisy Seed Cards (5pk)

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Perhaps the greatest joy our Good Emporium tribe has shared with us has come from the little handmade, hand-written seed cards we’ve sent out with your orders.

They’re made by the loveliest, kindest person I think I have ever met - Leah from Nurturing Nature. 

In case you haven’t had one yet, they’re beautiful hand-pressed paper with little Swan River daisy seeds pressed into the paper, so you can plant them, and they grow, well, daisies.

Plant the little daisies, watch them come up. 

There’s a little nineties pop reference for you. You’re welcome. Just be happy it wasn’t eighties. 


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This plantable Gift Card, is the perfect card to show your love! It's a gift that keeps on growing! Make memories with your loved ones with our plantable gift cards that grow native Swan River Daisies. 100% recycled, 100% plantable. 

Comes with 5 envelopes that are made out of 100% recycled paper.

The Bee The Cure design, is the perfect gift card to give to loved ones, while giving back to the bees! Thanks to the lovely Leah from Nurturing Nature Cards, 10% of every card we purchase wholesale goes to the 'Bee The Cure' charity to help fight against the extinction of our most precious life!