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rCup - the cup made from cups
rCup - the cup made from cups
rCup - the cup made from cups
rCup - the cup made from cups
rCup - the cup made from cups
rCup - the cup made from cups

rCup - the cup made from cups

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I have three big questions for you.

  1. Why can’t Jacinta Ardern lead the world instead of only New Zealand (lucky kiwis), in some UN-style global governing body which had the power to smack countries like Australia who aren’t pulling their weight when it comes to climate change?
  2. What is the crack they put on Cobs lightly salted, slightly sweet natural popcorn - it can’t just be sugar and salt, or else why would I not be able to stop at just one packet per movie?

  3. What the heck do you do with 16 billion takeaway coffee cups that can’t go in the recycling bin because of the polyethylene lining that stops the hot coffee from seeping into the paper, but continue to be used and thrown away by people who I’m sure would stop doing it if they realised the impact?

Okay so question 1 requires a bit more thought, question 2 is making me hungry, but for question 3 - imagine if we could make resusable cups out of all the disposable cups? 

Imagine if we could combine the paper, the polyethylene and the plastic lids into a clever compound that we made into a super cup that did everything we ever dreamed a reusable coffee cup could do?

  • Keeps your coffee hot but not too hot to hold. 
  • You can close it properly and it’s 100% leak-proof, so you can chuck a full coffee in your bag, or put it on the car seat, or next to your laptop, with no fear of spillage or third degree burns. 
  • You can open and close it one-handed like some phone-addict circus juggler. 
  • You can drink it from any angle (well, not upside down, ideally) and never have to search for the one little slot or miss your mouth and spill coffee down your chin and onto your white top ever again.

  • It lasts for a very long time, and once you’re finally done with it, you CAN actually put it in the recycling bin, and every part of it will end up as something else. No landfill!

With this amount of telegraphing, you have no doubt guessed what comes next…

Yes, you bet your sweet cheeks they have - someone has gone and bloody done it!

Former Dyson designer Dan Dicker, no less. (That name and title is an alliterist’s dream, by the way, and don’t pretend you didn’t giggle just a little bit). Dan teamed up with some recycling experts including Closed Loop and Nextek and set out on a mission to create the ultimate reusable cup. 

They set up an entire recycling program, first in the UK, then around the world, collecting nearly 10 million evil disposable takeaway coffee cups from a thousand locations.

They turn these cups into the outer thermal insulation layer of these rCUPS. You can actually see and feel the little flecks of the old designs, it’s really cool.

Yes, they’re closeable, and 100% leakproof. That’s a big win.

Yes, they do have plastic in them, but they are 100% recyclable at end of life, which shouldn’t be for a long, long time, as they’ll replace the seals for free over the course of the cup’s life.

These good people have created a very clever solution for diverting the 16 billion disposable coffee cups we use each year from landfill and from our oceans. 

Well done, Mr Dicker and co, well done.